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Parental Approval Required

Based on the information you provided, you need your parent's approval before you can join Tuggle.

You may already have approval, but you have to prove it to us! :-) To prove it you'll need a parent's credit card. We check the card by charging it for one penny. Yes, just $0.01 is all. So get a parent and if one isn't available right now, you can return to this page anytime by logging into Tuggle.

~ Parents ~
Tuggle follows COPPA, a federal law that seeks to protect children online that are under 13 years of age. Review our Privacy Policy to see how Tuggle safely stores profile information.

Your approval is required before your child can log into Tuggle. Accept a charge of $0.01 to simulate your approval. Tuggle will not store your credit card number.



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Tuggle will not store your credit card number.